Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blog Post 6

I believe that the child is a representation of all the people in our society who are less fortunate. The people in the community seem to represent the haves and the child represents the have nots. Although this seems to be a very extreme representation of the haves and have nots in our society it is still very related. The child seems to represent all of the people in our society who are less fortunate and suffering while the others who have all that they need can go on living life regardless of those who have nothing else. By showing a population that walked away from the Omelas it shows those in society who have chosen to recognize the less fortunate and do something about it rather than living in a world in which we do not recognize those who have less than the upper class does. And by revealing the child after describing such a happy community it shows how many people who are a part of the upper class that live in ignorant bliss regardless of the child. Which seems to show all the people in our upper class who seem to ignore the minorities problems or pretend that they are not happening as there is no direct repercussions on their own lives.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Social Justice

Social Justice:
Social Justice is a major topic and can be viewed in different perspectives. Examples of social justice are poverty, equality, racism, equal pay, and gender bases. When I think of social justice, it appears to be fighting for your rights.  In this case having the capability to fight for individual rights is tremendous. This is why in this scenario important to value social justice. Not only because social justice allows someone to stand up and speak for their rights. But also because without social justice it wouldn’t be possible. Social justice brings upon challenges such as racism and gender bases. Being able to value social justice and move past these problems is expresses individual mind and emotion strength. It may even be able to become a talent and only some people may agree with social justice.
Social justice definitely has it's prevalent issues and worries. Everyday issues social justice brings up, is mainly from sexism and racism. Also from poverty and equality in today's society. The Ted talk “ Talks to help you understand social justice” presented a example of racism and sexism in one way. This was by a African-American women who applied for a job. She claimed in court she was not hired because she was black and a female. The judge had disagreed and said black people and women were hired. But she explained black men and white women had been employed. Other examples of social justice is police brutality, and how only African-Americans are killed and not treated fairly by police. Although I personally believe white people do not attract as much media as black people do, because black people lead riots and damage property.
Personally I do not find any special concern to social justice. Mainly because I do not face racism every day nor do I face sexism. Equality is not a major factor in my life because it does not necessarily affect me. Equal pay necessarily is not equivalent towards me because I do not work. Also I believe an individual with a certain amount of education or depending on their job, as well as how hard and long they work deserve the money they earn. Even if women say they do not get the same as men, men can move more and carry more than women can. This is personally why social justice to me is not a big deal.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blog post #4 "Birthmark" Response

Miranda July in the short story, “Birthmark” explains her birthmark that appears like a port-wine stain and the situation she approaches with the mark. July supports her explanation by describing the red mark covering her entire cheek. She then explains how the stain has been removed from her face at the cost of two thousand dollars. July writes about the effect of having the mark removed from her face and the way people think of her. One example is when she said “In the few months after the surgery, she received many compliments, but they were always coupled with confusion”. In saying the above, she explains how she feels.  The feeling of loss by gaining beauty. Her husband had never showed he cared for the stain on his wife’s face.  She found herself trying to open a jar of jam. She could not get the lid off, she tried banging the lid on the counter. She banged it too hard and the jar broke open spilling jam everywhere. Her husband came in and noticed the stain in the exact same spot. He then generously wiped of the jam as she laughed. He had told her to go look at the stain in the mirror. She was in the bathroom for thirty minutes looking at herself and the stain. Rubbing her fingers along the sides of the mark on her cheek. After fifteen years without the stain, she realized she was beautiful with the stain. Removing the stain had not only removed a striking mark on her face, but it had removed a part of who she was, an emotional part of her being. Her husband was waiting on his knees for her as she left the bathroom. By staying on his knees, he shows her his love for her, as he loved the stain on her face. She had made the stain a part of her everyday lifestyle. He had minded the stain before, but realized his fault in thinking gruesomely of the stain instead of loving her for her inner beauty.  After their laughter over spilled jam, they realize that they have loved each other for inner beauty the entire time.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Blog Post 3 Response to Ted Talk

Michael Norton in the Ted Talk "How to buy happiness" argues that money can buy happiness, but it depends on the way it is spent. Norton gives an example about folks who win the lottery. These individuals easily go into debt. The reason for them going into debt is because friends and family pester them for money. He states that people who have won the lottery have become antisocial after receiving the money. Money tends to make people selfish. He further claims that lottery winners spend the money on the wrong things in the wrong way. Norton asks if people would become prosocial if they had spent the money on others and not themselves. He claims buying things for other people seems to make more people happier than others. Norton conducted an experiment giving two different groups of people money, where one group had spent it on themselves and the other group had spent it on others. The result of the experiment shows the group who spent the money on others are happier.

In Norton’s Ted Talk the point is money can buy happiness if it is spent in an unselfish manner. Most people, in poor or wealthy countries, seemed happier when money was not spent on themselves. For the people who spent money on themselves, they had not seemed as happy as the people who spent it on others. Norton claimed in his talk, by using his experiment he would test if his claim was valid. From his results he did indeed see the difference between the two happiness levels.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ted Talk Response ( Dan Gilbert)

Dan Gilbert in the Ted talk " The Surprising Science of Happiness" states that humans are miserable if they don't get what they want. Gilbert supports his statement by asking the question " Why are we happy". According to Gilbert he has been researching happiness in humans to see what makes people truly happy. Gilbert describes different types of happiness as synthetic happiness, real happiness, and natural happiness. The author’s purpose is to explain how humans are only happy when they receive what they want. He also mentions that our psychological immune system changes our views of the world and they way humans think about something. Natural happiness can't be ignored because it is hard to not be happy when an individual receives something they really want.

Dan Gilbert in his Ted Talk "The Surprising Science of Happiness", he has demonstrated how happiness is granted by people getting what they want. Gilbert informs the people who have watched his talk about the different types of happiness. The types of happiness are synthetic happiness and real happiness, it states how people react and transform situations that are not pleasant into situations that show happiness. The point brought to my attention from Gilbert is how he thoroughly explains that humans are not happy unless they receive what they want.  Some may say they are not at all like that, and proceed to say that they are happy and do not care for receiving more than what they want. After a while it comes to mind that people only seem happy with what they want. A single mom can have happiness because she may still have her child everyday, knowing that child smiles constantly bringing her happiness. Sometimes it is the little things that make an individual have true happiness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Associating something with happiness is a difficult task. When people are asked what they associate with happiness, they easily give the first thing that comes to mind. These things include family friends and memorable experiences. These associations can be debated as follows.
Families can prove to put an individual in a difficult situation. A difficult situation can be where a person has no family to support them. Friends are nice to have, however people have different values. A friend’s values may make someone realize that they have little in common, which leads to having little to talk about. Fun is an example of a memorable experience, but can be easily forgotten about in a period of time.
Associations of happiness would be something remembered without hesitation. Remembering something without hesitating will bring a smile to someone's face and bring them happiness. An example of happiness would be telling a story that brings happiness to an individual. Happiness could be playing sports or interacting with passion or love. Happiness can be small things such as receiving attention or support. The question then arises, is happiness a perfect world in which people seem to live in? Happiness can not be touched or seen, because it is a feeling of joy. All of these factors make it hard to believe true happiness exists.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Report: Letter to Author

Cameron Beauzec, Jacquelyn Espinoza
Mrs. Johnson
English Period 7
21 December, 2016
Book Report
Dear Bonnie Shimko,

I’m so glad you wrote your book despite all the murder. The way you made a murder story so interesting, made me interested in the darker side of storytelling. I found out your type of writing is thriller. Not like Micheal Jackson, but dark. Maggie’s voice in her head telling her to kill people should have had more of a personality, in my opinion. It would have been cool to find out the voice was her father, but the way how it was also her grandmother’s made it tie back down to a more realistic story. When she was meeting her father, it was nerve racking when she didn’t tell him that he was innocent, but I understand why. If he would have found out and told the police, Maggie would have gotten in much more trouble. Harry, Maggie’s step-father, when he died, you built him so well that even I cried. Roxie, her mother, is more of a sister, but when Harry dies, it makes us worried about their future and how they’re going to live financially. Harry and Roxie’s relationship are not what would be expected, but when Harry explained how they came to be, it made us respect him even more. At the looney bin, when Maggie planned to kill Maizie’s parents, we would have liked to have seen how that would happened. In the beginning Maggie was super against listening to the voice, but in the end it’s obvious she doesn’t even need the voice anymore to kill. She said it was too faint to even be heard anymore. She was an angel, but turned to a demon in the end. With the next book, there should be more involvement with the biological father and Roxie. Maybe get Maggie to take over the funeral home and let her find an equally as bad person. She should perhaps renew her morals and have another inner struggle. She should become friends with that girl again, and start being pen pals. It’d be really nice if she grew up and have a son with the same problems, but they ever tell each other. Perhaps have her have actual problems with the police. It’d be nice if the mental lady was involved more, she was a nice character.